Frequently asked questions about Cork mouth masks

Is the mask certified?
Our pleated cork masks have been ISO certified in Portugal. The cork masks are generally recommended by the Portuguese government. The cork masks meet all conformity requirements for comfort masks according to FGOV.

Is a cork mask a medical mask?
Our cork mouth masks are not intended for medical purposes. The corkscrew masks have recently received ISO certification and are recommended by the Portuguese government.

I have to wear my cork mouth mask for a long time, is that possible?
You can wear the mouth mask safely for a long time because of the perfect oxygen circulation. Use an ear bridge or ear saver to limit the pressure of the stretchers on the ears.

Are there different sizes in the cork mouth masks?
Our masks come in small and medium sizes. Small size is recommended for children, adolescents and people of small stature. The medium size is for adults. The mask fits perfectly with 90% of the customers. You can easily adjust the fit by using an ear bridge or ear saver.

I wear glasses, is the cork mouth mask something for me?
Cork is fast drying, so it will be a significantly less 'humid' environment than cotton masks. The less moisture, the less you suffer from dampening glasses. A very good fit is crucial for spectacle wearers. We recommend using an ear saver to make your mask fit even better.

You can also easily insert an iron wire through the seam of the nose bridge (1 minute's work) to push the mask on the nose.

Is the mask anti-allergenic?
Yes, cork is naturally anti-allergenic and antibacterial. Ideal for people who quickly suffer from skin conditions, redness, irritation or allergic reactions.

Is the material supple?
Cork is extremely supple and flexible. It feels soft to the touch. Cork that is washed or boiled will become even more supple.

Is cork breathable? Can I breathe well in a cork mouth mask?
Our cork mouth masks are known for their breathable and airy feel. A cork cell consists of 50% air. Cork is extremely light. The design ensures perfect oxygen circulation. Light and breathable. Comfortable to wear.

No pressure or oppressive feeling. Highly appreciated by people with respiratory problems or asthmatic complaints.

How long can I use my corks mouth mask?
Cork is extremely durable and strong. So you can use your cork masks on a daily basis for a long time.

The cell of cork has a honeycomb structure. This is the most powerful and durable cell that exists and only occurs in nature. People have been trying to recreate it synthetically for years but have not succeeded yet. Cork is therefore also used by NASA.

How can I disinfect my cork mouth mask?
You can decontaminate cork using hot water, steam or wax. We recommend disinfection in boiling water, this is fast and efficient and the elastic stretchers will last longer. You boil a pot of water, remove the pot from the fire, immerse the mask and filter through the hot water.

Add some detergent or detergent. Leave to dry in the sun if necessary. Both soap and UV light are virus killers.

How do I use a cork mouth mask?
The mouth mask consists of 100% cork, a layer of BIO cotton on the back and a reservoir made of cork. There are holes in the cork for an even more airy and breathable effect. Each mask comes with a 4-layer filter or gauze. Pull the reservoir up, insert the 4-layer filter (folded as supplied) into the reservoir, check that the holes are properly covered and press the reservoir back on. The mask is ready for use.

Both the filter and the mask can be disinfected by washing or boiling water. Both are reusable.

You have the possibility to buy extra filters but you can also use other safe filters/ gauzes in the mask.

Watch our numerous instruction videos on or visit our Flag Ship Store Hoogstraat 63 2000 Antwerp for a live demonstration / tutorial.

Are the corks mouth masks washable?
Yes, cork is tanned using water processes and is therefore perfectly resistant to water and moisture. You can wash the masks at high temperatures. You can disinfect the masks in boiling water and you can steam the masks.

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